Many questions unanswered: Cathedral City officer charged with sexual assault

Link to: Cathedral City officer charged with sexual assault | | The Desert Sun.

For Friday, something perhaps not so serious – after all, we’ve got Halloween and elections coming up.

OK, Partay! See, we have fun out here in the desert. We have wild 4 a.m. pool parties and invite the cops to join in!

I’m just thinking there’s a few things missing, or a few things I’d like to see.

  1. Why didn’t anyone have their cell phone camera, at least, on? Pictures of the naked cop are wanted. Video, even better.
  2. Did the naked cop just strip and jump in the pool, or was he really invited as he said?
  3. Did he in fact jump in the pool at all, or are his accusers making it up?
  4. What was the outside temperature? Did he just need to cool off after a hot shift cruising the mean streets of Cat City?
  5. The story says he left his holster and gun with his uniform. I’m imagining a pile, with the gun on top. Why didn’t any of these naked ladies steal the gun and make him get out of the water? Again, photos or video of the abandoned weapon would prove delightfully interesting.
  6. I’m interested in that moment of decision – that crazy moment – and we all have them, though they don’t usually result in a total meltdown of our entire lives – when he decided to say “just fuck it” and went with his monkey mind decision to get naked and party with the girls in the pool. There’s something about that loss of control I truly admire – though I am happy it’s him and not me, that’s for damn sure.
  7. Discuss.

~ by jimarnoldla on October 29, 2010.

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