Religion Ruins Everything redux: Mormon beliefs factor in LGBT struggles

Link to Activists: Mormon beliefs factor in LGBT struggles.

Mormon Tabernacle

Yeah, well big surprise here, the Washington Post’s Jennifer Dobner’s Mormon Beliefs Factor into LGBT Struggles. Like Catholic beliefs do, Christian beliefs, Jewish beliefs, Islamic beliefs, Hindu…. Basically, you have to ask, what good is religion – at all – if it encourages people to deny who they are and ruin lives?

And this is only talking on the personal level – on the societal level, religious fervor is responsible for the deaths of millions upon millions and untold numbers of wars, just to prove that “my god is better than your god, asshole.”

More articles like this one in the Post are needed, to continually expose the hypocrisy of organized religion – from these gay-bullying suicide-encouraging Mormons to the Catholic rapist priests and all the rest of the religious – who truly need salvation of some kind, no doubt.

As a society, we have to ask if we’ll continue to allow such organizations tax-free status – when what they are truly undermining is our stated national raison d’etre of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”


~ by jimarnoldla on October 26, 2010.

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