Frugal Living: Some Top Ways We Waste Money in 2010

Link to: 9 Top Ways We Waste Money 2010.

Brown-baggin' lunch

I’m so guilty of spending my almost non-existent income on some of these things: big targets for me include those energy drinks – somehow and for some reason I almost always have to have a low-carb Monster when I go to the gym ($3 at the gym, $1.50 at Ralph’s or Fresh ‘n Easy on the way there). I totally do not need these. Of course, I like the buzz.

I’m also guilty guilty guilty on the coffee – though I will say, I’ve never fallen prey to all the stupid high fat high calorie extra special super duper Starbucks drinks, and rarely have anything there other than a medium sized coffee (I REFUSE to adopt their lexicon for small, medium and large – go to hell).

What else – I WAS a good brown-bagger, except when I got lazy. Funny, now that I work at home every day, going out for the occasional lunch is such a treat. Luckily, Palm Springs is full of restaurants barely holding on to business so they all have specials. But usually I eat at home anyway, as it’s so much healthier.

Never fear –  I’ll be back with anti-conservative screeds tomorrow, I’m sure.


~ by jimarnoldla on October 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “Frugal Living: Some Top Ways We Waste Money in 2010”

  1. Hey–Maybe you could write tomorrow about our pal Barack and his “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” reversal. Nicely played, just two weeks before the election!
    From Mary the-disillusioned-Democrat

    • Perhaps that would be a good idea. I have a bunch of things pending… There’s just no end to bad news on the political front. Totally FUBAR.

  2. I am totally a victim of the low-carb monster as well!

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