Aaron Marino’s men’s fashion tips!

And what man among us couldn’t benefit from some wise fashion advice? (Well, maybe Tim Gunn knows it all, but I’m not sure about anyone else I can think of offhand…). I present to you Aaron Marino, who runs AlphaMConsulting from somewhere in Atlanta.

Aaron has a YouTube channel with a good number of video tips – about one a week or so – ranging on everything from underwear to tattoos to fall coats to custom-made shirts. Of course, it helps that Aaron is quite easy on the eyes (he’s a former bodybuilder title holder!). Aaron insists he’s straight, which is fine – he’s married to a southern belle. Obviously, he has a big gay following and is a natural in front of the camera – well spoken, funny, good timing, pretty good editing for self-made videos – which I assume are usually done in his bedroom. Occasionally you will see Piglet, his cat, run around in the background or in front of the camera. Attention whore!

Aaron’s on the shorter side – I think he said 5’6″ – which makes his advice really good for men the size of, well, me. The best thing is he’s got generally good – even great – fashion taste for a straight boy. Like I should pontificate on fashion – I clearly did not get that particular gay gene, but I keep on trying.


~ by jimarnoldla on October 12, 2010.

One Response to “Aaron Marino’s men’s fashion tips!”

  1. Great tips. Thanks for sharing.
    Pal Zileri Suit

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