National Coming Out Day: Please Ask, Please Tell | Psychology Today

Link to: Please Ask, Please Tell | Psychology Today.


Good Night Nurse


Does your doc know you’re gay or lesbian? Don’t assume they “know.” Doctors and nurses are just like most other people in the world – they will assume you are part of the heterosexual majority unless you take the time to let them know differently.

This is just as important for annual physicals as it is for prostate cancer, which is the primary subject of this particular article. Even my doctor never ordered any kind of STD tests (including HIV) at my annual physicals – hello, earth to Doctor – active single gay man living in Los Angeles…. um, better get tested for stuff.

Anyway, this is a good message to get out on National Coming Out Day – which I’d much rather celebrate than Columbus Day (talk about STDs!!). Don’t assume your doctor knows. Next time you see her or him, make sure they understand where you’re coming from.


~ by jimarnoldla on October 11, 2010.

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