Joe Genshlea’s One Man Show “Son of a Sense of Place” in Sacramento

from left: Marie Ann Lewis, Jim Arnold, Mary Clare Genshlea Boothby, Mary Cerutti, Joe Genshlea

Ellie Genshlea Koerber and Jim Arnold

Had the privilege over the weekend to go up to Sacramento with my cousins Mary Cerutti from SF and Marie Ann Lewis from Carmichael to attend the one man show my first cousin (once removed) Joe Genshlea (prominent Sac attorney) was doing at the Crest Theater in downtown Sacramento.

The show, a benefit for Sierra Forever Families, was about his recollections and observations of what it was like to grow up in Sacramento in the 1930s and 1940s, and how that differs from the much larger city of today.

Although I was born in Sacramento, I lived there only for a couple of years as a very young child and have no memory of that. My mother was from there, and it’s interesting that her accounts of what her hometown was like, which I listened to my entire life, are so similar to Joe’s. It’s also fitting that this show and trip would happen this week, as it’s the two year anniversary of Mom’s death.

I know she would have been pleased that I finally met some more of our relatives (including Joe’s sisters Mary Clare and Ellie) and got more of the Sacramento story – which has been on my mind because of the upcoming elections.

Remember, folks, D is for drive, R is for reverse…. go Jerry!


~ by jimarnoldla on October 6, 2010.

One Response to “Joe Genshlea’s One Man Show “Son of a Sense of Place” in Sacramento”

  1. Man, you are high tech and I’m totally jealous. But thanks so much for the photos and the comments, especially the thoughts about Ger. She is, I know, delighted! If it’s OK, make me a subscriber to your blog.

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