The Dying Mall: Palm Springs

Palm Springs Mall food court, Gottschalks

Palm Springs Mall lonely videogames and hallway

I had to get my glasses fixed yesterday and found an (outstanding!) optometrist still open in this otherwise dying mall in central Palm Springs.

To be honest, this mall had seen better days even when I last lived here in 2006, but since then its anchor store Gottschalks has left, all the food court vendors are gone, as are most of the small local dress shops, and even the Christian Bookstore! Pathetic Ms. Pac-Man here couldn’t draw a teenager – and the high school is a block or so away.

Of course, at another end of this mall is a wonderful True-Value Hardware, with perhaps the gayest inventory available anywhere, and a short distance across the burning asphalt from there is the Camelot Theater complex, which is an authentic arthouse cinema and the location of the various PS film festivals. Additonally, in season, the Farmer’s Market occupies the parking lot on Saturdays.

I guess this is a story of the Great Recession. Palm Springs retail has often had hard going since all that moved down valley to Palm Desert and such years ago, but this is truly sad. Made me want to sit there and weep for the dying, or at least play some Pac-Man.


~ by jimarnoldla on October 5, 2010.

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