Two Lane Blacktop – far friggin’ out, man!

“I could suck you into my tailpipe!”

I enjoyed this tale of existential angst and otherwise mostly aimless drifting, in 1971 pre-Walmart big box store America, where when you pulled up in a gas station you still got full service at every pump.

The plot revolves around two hippie-like drag racer guys (James Taylor, Dennis Wilson) who challenge an “older” establishment kind of guy (Warren Oates) to a race to see who can get to D.C. first. Whoever does, gets the pink slips of both cars.

There is a girl involved (Laurie Bird). She’s kind of free-spirited hippie chick, though to me she seemed depressed, almost catatonic at times, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why all three men were so desperate to get into those jeans. Something apparently I just didn’t see.

Some great lines, such as:

“I just don’t need any distractions right now.” – Warren Oates to a cowboy hitchhiker who puts his hand on Warren’s thigh while he’s driving. (Meaning, it would be OK under other circumstances? YES!)

The movie proves that Denim and its incarnation into 501s is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Dennis Wilson, studly and hairy – maybe not as musically talented as his brother Brian, but majorly sexy. Both men sport straggly over the collar but not quite to the shoulder length hair. Love it.

This is an America with a curious lack of consumerism, where there’s no need to fill up every nanosecond with outside stimulation.

James Taylor as actor: best not to quit dayjob, and you didn’t, so wise choice, Mister!

The hitchhiker girl has a great big white furry purse. Maybe that’s what the boys are really after. I want one!


~ by jimarnoldla on September 29, 2010.

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