West Hollywood Book Fair: hot fun, quite literally

Lee Wind reads at the Homo-Centric booth. Jason Wittman and Steven Tagle listen.

At one point, I looked at the convenient Iphone weather app and it said the temperature was 104. We felt each and every one of those degrees at the WeHo Book Fair on Sunday. A nicely sized crowd of book lovers and writers wandered the sometimes shady, sometimes incandescent park grounds, sampling bits of books and verse here and there.

Felt sorry for those folks, attached to this or that graphic novel or comix booth, who were early Halloween refugees. Some of those costumes looked like they would be tortuous to wear even in normal “warm” weather. Big winners: those vendors selling water, soda, iced tea, lemonade. Not-so big winners: any unmiked reader, or anyone without a hat or sunscreen.

Huge thank you again to Hank Henderson who put together the Homo-Centric booth where I believe he corralled 30 readers throughout the day! And of course, to the good folks at the City of West Hollywood who put on a great event. (Maybe next year if it’s this hot they can open the pool for the event?)


~ by jimarnoldla on September 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “West Hollywood Book Fair: hot fun, quite literally”

  1. Wow – I’m excited that there’s a photo of me reading! Thanks so much, Jim! And it really was incredible – there was a bigger crowd at the Homo-Centric booth that at many of the main stages. You could feel the support, and there was so much great stuff read and performed! I was honored to be part of it.

  2. It’s my pleasure, Lee! It was a wonderful day, and so great to be part of. I’m looking forward to more of your writing! BTW, that other Nick Nolan book is “Double Bound.” – Jim

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