More from ShortFest: Wagah and Glenn Close’s Pax

Last in the series of short films I happened to see, now months ago (well, it was June and I’ve been busy) at the Palm Springs ShortFest that I liked. Both films (both docs) tie into a war theme, though neither explicitly.



This is an award-winning short from Germany (Supriyo Sen) that shows the ceremonial changing of the guard at the India/Pakistan border. It’s part state ceremony, part street festival, part dance performance. Pilgrims (tourists?) from each side come to sit in bleachers and watch the spectacle. For me, this reinforces the power of music, dance, spectacle and athletics to bring people closer together. If these two countries can find joy on the border, who knows what might happen?


A documentary by Glenn Close and Sarah Harvey about a dog (Pax) – trained in a prison program at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women – to be a companion for an Iraq war veteran who was disabled with brain injuries and PTSD. It shows the remarkable capacity animals have to affect us, not the least of which is bringing together humans who couldn’t be more apart on the social strata. Not a dry eye in the house – you know, kids and dogs do it every time.



~ by jimarnoldla on September 8, 2010.

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