Two Subway Shorts: Touch and Subway Harmonies

Also from the Palm Springs ShortFest, two little movies that take place in the subway. In the 20 minutes inclusive that these films inhabit, there’s some serious emotional landscapes we cross with the female protagonists.

In “Touch,” (Jen McGowan, 2010) two women meet on the subway. The first woman we see is middle-aged, and appears worried or distraught. She’s too close to the platform edge. We’re worried for her. A chatty young woman joins her. She seems self-absorbed, anxious about the job interview she’s headed to. Will she understand what the stakes are for the older woman, right then and there, as we hear the ominous sounds of the train approaching?

still from Touch

Touch review

Like my college roommate Larry Fisher used to say, it’s not fear of falling, it’s fear of jumping!

In “Subway Harmonies,” (Leah Cameron, Canada, 2010) a fellow traveler has a secret. And it’s an amazing, fabulous one that slowly unfolds to us as we see her otherwise mundane Toronto day. Like Cinderella or the ugly duckling turning into the swan, Mrs. Wong transcends the ordinary to enrich us all.

still from Subway Harmonies

Subway Harmonies


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