And I thought getting high was cost-prohibitive in the new millenium…

Smoking pot.

So Senator Orrin Hatch – Republican of Utah – thinks that the unemployed should be tested for drugs. This will help them get the help they need. Oh, really?

Do you really think the unemployed are spending their tiny unemployment checks on drugs? Seriously? I’m not in a direct position to know these days, but I’m guessing that the cost of fun drugs like pot and cocaine and ecstasy and whatever else people buy has gone up just as everything else has gone up, you know, inflation. No, Orrin, the unemployed are not on drugs and don’t need to be tested. What they need are jobs and for Congress to get off its collective fat ass and extend the benefits it already approved through the stimulus.

This stance of Hatch’s is particularly disturbing because it’s a thinly disguised attempt to blame the victim, to demonize the poor person who has lost their job through no fault of their own. They (and I have to include myself in this, since I’m now unemployed) are now part of the evil lurking among us. I suspect this all goes back to that crazy and erroneous Puritan stance that working is somehow close to godliness. Really? Have you had a job in America lately? I want to hear all the uplifting stories about how the vast majority of employment opportunities puts me closer to a creator.

The unemployed use their cash benefits to pay rent, buy food, gas and internet connections so they can look for that savior “job.”

People like Hatch who have these ideas are the ones who really need a reality check – and perhaps a drug test.

Somebody give him a cup.

Ryan Grim discusses Orrin Hatch proposal to drug test unemployed


~ by jimarnoldla on June 23, 2010.

One Response to “And I thought getting high was cost-prohibitive in the new millenium…”

  1. It is common for employers to do drug testing before hiring somebody. I don’t see the point in drug testing people who are not employed. I find it difficult to believe that poor, unemployed people would receive the help they need by being denied benefits. I’m sure he’s thinking, “that’ll make ’em think twice about using drugs!” Any unemployed junkie wouldn’t give a shit anyway. Talk about making a bad situation worse. . .
    And yes, this idea most likely stems from some religious ideal– probably originating around the same time they started burning “witches”.
    The main idea seems to be that a person who doesn’t have something particular to occupy themselves with doing, will be tempted to occupy himself with sin.
    Receiving unemployment checks hardly affords a life of sin! Whatever you do, don’t drug test the wealthy; after all, they’re the people doing God’s work. Orrin Hatch: You are an ass, and it is depressing that you will, in all likelihood, get re-elected.

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