“Lost” this homo…

still from "Lost" final episode, The End.

Mmmmmm, OK, well it’s been a coupla days now and I’ve digested lots of the the last “Lost.” Odd for me, I don’t normally watch television in real time anymore (who does?) and I think that “Lost” was probably one of the last times I will do that, especially now since I gave up my cable service entirely and only watch television that streams on the Mac.

I was probably as teary-eyed as anyone during the reconciliations and enlightenments (“do you remember? do you?”) of the last couple of episodes, even though it turned out to be quite the hetero love feast. We had Jack and Kate, Sawyer and Juliet, Desmond and Penny, Charlie and Claire, Shannon and Sayeed, Libby and Hurley, and of course poor waterlogged Sun and Jin. Am I missing anybody? Do you detect a pattern here?

Not that there’s anything at all wrong with hetero couples finding their “lost” selves on a TV program. The power of the writing and the connections to the characters meant that even I, as a gay man, could feel the emotional tug of these male-female reunions – which makes me think – aren’t those feelings universal, and wouldn’t the general audience have been affected had the loves been the occasional man-man or girl-girl pairing?

How I would have loved to see a match-up between studly Jack and blond babe Sawyer. Better yet, cute Charlie and adorable Boone – or for a little spice, Boone and sexy as all git-out Jin! Yes! For a while there it did look like there was going to be a Daddy-Boy thing going on between Locke and Boone, but unfortunately Boone got booted off that Island. And on the distaff side, a pairing of those beauties Kate and Juliet has my homo heart swooning. Or how about that tough Ana Lucia with icy Sun? There’s a lot of diversity there!

So many choices. So many opportunities missed. Well, it would’ve been nice. Oh, by the way, the creators did insert some homo fun into the show – but not in the show proper, but in a video about other possible endings. Check it out below, it’s at the end, Damon and Carlton in bed together. Take that, Freckles.


~ by jimarnoldla on May 25, 2010.

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