Unemployment Post: Extra Extraordinaire

Central Casting in Burbank, California

Along the unemployment slog/blog… So I figured I would, once again, register for background actor work. I’ve done this before, at least twice, but both time was severely stymied by the requirement that the “extra” must call in and listen to taped messages to find work.

I am way too lazy to do that.

This time, I knew that would not work, as I got rid of my land line telephone a couple of years ago and I certainly don’t have enough minutes on my mobile to listen to those long, long winded tapes from Central Casting. So…. I registered with a calling service that will book me and I pay them a monthly fee for this. Not bad, except that once you say you are available, it’s like being on call and you can’t make any plans until you know what the next day will bring. At the present time, this is not a problem, since I don’t have another job.

So far I’ve worked two jobs. I want to talk about them, but also need to have them remain somewhat anonymous/murky, since I don’t want my background actor career to be torpedoed right away. I can say that both were for television. One was a pilot, this being pilot season, with a very recognizable star. It was shot in downtown Los Angeles which was doubling for a very large, east coast city. Guess which one?

Jacksonville? No! Wrong!

Here’s a handy phone picture of me in my suit acting up a storm (actually, trying to stay awake).

Stay Awake Please Jim

The other role I played was that of Restaurant Patron, with which I figure I am well-qualified. I was supplied with a female partner-for-a-day, my television wife! In the fake restaurant, we were seated near the piano, which was fortuitous, and we may even end up on camera because of some musical shenanigans going on.

The longest dinner I ever encountered – 12 hours worth of pretend eating. The food was real. The ice cubes were fake, however. Hopefully, I’ll get more to report in future blogs. If I can stay awake.


~ by jimarnoldla on March 13, 2010.

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