Left Las Vegas

smoking without the smoking

Maria Bartiromo at CES 2010

A quick update on CES – it was so great seeing old friends from Dolby there – Erin D. especially, who I was lucky enough to have some coffee with, and John Kellogg, who I had a very nice chat with on the show floor. If you’ve read the media stories about the show, you’ll already know that the big thing was 3-D television, and the demos I saw were impressive. Still, I’m kind of a luddite in that regard, in that I still don’t have an HD flat screen TV, watch stuff on my computer, and in general am not a good target audience for the CE industry. I wonder if the public will embrace the 3D or not – usually, when that industry gets behind something and wants it to happen, it eventually does. I suppose there will come the day when we’ll be watching holographic programming in the middle of our living rooms perhaps switched on by an eye blink.

There were also a lot of companies showing their e-book offerings, which made me think more than anything, how I position Benediction to be on all e-formats. It’s on Kindle, but that’s it so far.

Happy 75, Mr. Elvis

Motel 6 was a treat (not!) but the best thing about it was the twentysomething hooker propositioning the eighty- year-old guy in the lobby of the Coco’s out front, at breakfast time. Gotta make that rent, don’t I know that! Which leads me to the unemployment portion of the post:

There’s a story in the Huffington Post today that job listings are way down over the peak in 2007. Not a big surprise, now is it? That part-time census job is sounding better and better, or maybe I’ll take a tip from my Vegas breakfast friend, and remind me to tell you about cuddle-a-daddy.com.


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