New Benediction Reviews, CES on the way

In the last couple of days Benediction got a couple more reviews, one from Victor Banis (posted on and will be on several other book review sites t/c) and one from Carol Hoyer over at ReaderViews.  Both are posted on Take a look!

Now that the holidaze are over the job search gets into high gear – so I’m going to CES in Vegas Friday and Saturday (driving up Thursday and back Saturday night – or maybe Sunday morning) to find out what’s new and what companies might be hot prospects to contact for freelance (or other) work. Seems every year more and more content providers have an interest in the show, and I know that this year all ebook platforms will be showing their stuff – which, of course, interests me for Benediction. It’s currently available as a Kindle download but not with other e-formats. When I was in NYC last month, I took a look at the Barnes & Noble “nook” at the store where my 89-year-old aunt still works (a 40 hour week, she is frakking amazing) and I imagine everyone else will be on that bandwagon, too.

If you’ll be in Vegas, let me know. Also, if you know of any healthy and cheap restaurants up there, let me know. My experience with food in that town has been, shall we say, less than ideal most of the time.

The Strip


~ by jimarnoldla on January 5, 2010.

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