New Gay Filmmaker Group in New York (oh, and Happy New Year, too!)

Hey everybody, happy new year, even that salutation gets a little old after about 10 am on New Year’s Day (or maybe only to those of us with short attention spans?) and it’s already January 2.

I actually went out this NYE, to a bar first (The LA Eagle) and then to a sober celebration just down the street. Now I know why I don’t go out on New Year’s Eve. Truthfully, both venues were fine and each had it’s attractions (the Eagle – lots of hairy, muscular men; the sober celebration, diet root beer, food, and lots of people I knew) but the noise level at both really got to me much more quickly than I thought it would. Luckily, my partner in crime (Harry W) wanted to leave at 12:01 am just like I did so the entire affair wasn’t painfully drawn out.

You’re probably thinking, geez, he’s just no fun AT ALL. Now just calm down. So this post will give you something that does sound like fun:

There’s a new gay filmmakers group in New York. Meeting monthly at the Gay Center there, this nascent group of film artists is looking for a project, and considering several short scripts which have been posted on their site, GayFilmmakersNYC, including one of mine, Hell for the Holidays. You can read a pdf of it there.

I think it’s a great idea to bring together folks interested in making movies as that world is so incredibly collaborative and it is so hard to get a movie made, even if you have a story, even if you have people, even if you have some money. It’s just like pushing a 3-ton rock up a gravel hill. The group makes it easier, and I’m looking forward to seeing some interesting things to come out of this.

If you’re interested and live in NYC, by all means check them out. I think you can even become a member if you don’t live there, but the interaction would be limited, but it looks like they’re posting most things online, and they’ve got some great referrals, which I only suppose will grow.

The site again:


~ by jimarnoldla on January 2, 2010.

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