Unemployment 12/22/09

I finally got around to “cleaning up” my facebook page to make it more attractive to those recruiters who I’m sure will google me before considering me for any kind of further interaction, such as a job interview. I tried to remove the questionable fan pages and ultra-left organizations I joined all with the hope of someday rejoining the great capitalistic machine, if for no other reason than to pay rent and eat. Or eat and pay rent. Hopefully both. I have to say I’m a bit saddened at doing that, and it also feels like every deletion, every edit is like a vanilla processor – blander the better. I always thought the best job hunting advice I ever got was to just be yourself, because a boss/employer is either looking for a person just like you, or they’re not. So it doesn’t make any sense in trying to be something you are not. So why did I remove this great photo of me with the green towel on my head? (It was my St. Patrick’s Day costume, not the best I will admit, but it was what I had).


~ by jimarnoldla on December 22, 2009.

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