I always thought Milwaukee was kind of boring, but maybe not


Wow, you go to the state fair, and look what happens. Milwaukee’s Mayor Barrett is actually one of my brothers’ brother-in-law, so when they talk about the “niece” in this story, I wonder if it’s the “niece” we share, although I think I would have heard…. Anyway, best wishes for a speedy recovery, Tom!

I was in Milwaukee last summer during the fair and we went. I remember having an enormous cream puff that didn’t live up to it’s hype. Still, so much better to have a pastry in your mouth than a pipe across the back of your head, no?  I did enjoy visiting the animal barns and seeing that Milwaukeeans hadn’t lost their taste for beer.

I approved the Benediction galleys last Friday so now it’s just the cover and it’s done. Pins and needles and trying to time all of this is exciting but exhausting. So the book (the actual, book-you-can-hold-in-your-hand-after-you-buy-it) is still a couple of weeks away. *sigh*


~ by jimarnoldla on August 17, 2009.

One Response to “I always thought Milwaukee was kind of boring, but maybe not”

  1. Wow–I saw Mayor Tom on CNN today & he really looked beat up! Poor man–best wishes for a speedy recovery!
    This craziness belongs in SF or LA–not Milwaukee ferhevvinsake.

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