Outfest Wednesday

OK, I saw another shorts program – this was the second screening for Bitches, Buttholes and BFFs – no, not kidding, that’s what they call it. I previously lauded Kim Yutani and gang for programming shorts with good production values – and it looks like this is one of the programs where some were dropped in.

The program also had segments which were episodes in a series – 2 episodes of something called Hairbox Thrillers – short dramas of hair coloring boxes dueling against each other in the store — and 2 episodes of Stop It (Mercedes and Jazen) — which were riffs on shows like Intervention written, directed, and starring Mike Rose. 

  Mike Rose

The Stop It: Mercedes episode looks like it was uploaded to YouTube in 2007, which makes me wonder why it’s at Outfest in 2009. I mean, if the stuff isn’t new… still, it was fun.

Butthole Lickin’ – yeah, it is what you think it is, though there’s a twist – it’s two girls, who verbalize things most have only thought… at least I hope so. This had me squirming in my seat in horror and hilarity. This is also on YouTube, so you can see for yourself, and don’t have to buy a film festival ticket for it…

Two Classy Ladies was so absolutely deadpan and earnest in its convoluted premise of two “straight” guys hiring “prostitutes” on a boring afternoon that’s I’d give it most watchable in this group and probably funniest.

The longest short at 21 minutes was Lushes:

the sad tale of two friends who do dragshows at Oil Can Harry’s in the Valley – which is well-known for their cowboy dancin’ and Saturday night disco dancin’ – but maybe less so for drag, still, this movie has one of the best scenes overall in the program with the pathetic morning after exit from the bar of one of the drunken characters – it made me laugh. A lot.

See, you give a guy a wig and some makeup and before you know it he’s got an out-of-focus short at Outfest. Long live drag! Just stop it already with the dolls-as-characters thing with falsetto voiceovers. Didn’t Todd Haynes set that bar back in 1987 with Superstar?


~ by jimarnoldla on July 16, 2009.

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